Connecting Strategy to Execution

Business presents management with competing interests, priorities and interruptions. Claritrue supports your strategy by connecting your "words on the wall" to concrete decisions, tactics and initiatives that will actually move your business toward its stated vision. We bring clarity, and we always tell the truth.

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Consistently recognized for thought leadership, taking complex problems and distilling them into executable solutions, Kirby observed that businesses of all types can often benefit from external help in advancing their strategy.  Kirby founded Claritrue - a business consultant based in Kansas City, Missouri - to meet that need after a unique corporate career path.  Her experience includes companies ranging in size from 30 to 100,000 employees, widely varied industries, and roles from technical expert to corporate officer. In all cases, she has a proven track record of driving results by identifying issues that must be addressed or opportunities that must be captured in order for the business to achieve its stated goals. Strategy only works if it is connected to concrete tactics, and Kirby loves to help you make that connection.



Clarity. Experience. Integrity. Results.

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Are you a small or medium sized  business in need of sustained and seasoned Product, Strategy or Operations leadership, but you don't need them full time? Claritrue will come alongside you and enhance your management team on a fractional basis. You get an ongoing relationship and senior executive talent at a cost that works for your scale.



Do you have a project or idea that needs executive focus, problem solving or acceleration? Let us help move it from idea to reality by working with you to frame the options and execution plan.

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Are your results where you want them? Are there parts of your strategy or operations that need some attention? Do you have the nagging feeling that there is untapped potential in your model? Let us bring decades of experience in multiple industries and roles. Fresh eyes and dedicated think time can help identify and address those opportunities.